post23 is a VFXAnimation and Post-Production house, based in Barcelona.We participate on award-winning animation, moving image, music and all kind of digital projects for feature films, advertising, TV and video games industries.

What they say about us

  • "post23 have always exceeded my expectations, they are the best animators I've worked with. But most important, they are an incredible group of people"
    Jorge Meneclier, Creative Director at Ogilvy
  • "One of the benefits of my job is that I get to work with some pretty brilliant and creative people from around the world.  This time I was lucky enough to meet a group of eclectic Spaniards who "knocked" the "Mind Game" out of the park and became my friends. Lucky me."
    Matthew Butler: VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain
  • "Thank you for your hard work, your good humor and your extraordinary creative talent as a team."
    Gavin Hood: Film Director, Actor, Producer
  • “To talk about post23 is to talk about friends making miracles, always with new surprising and creative ideas. Good vibes in a natural way, the perfect balance for such a talent. Thanks for being there. ”
    Sergi Capellas:Director at RCRfilms
  • “Working with post23 was an outstanding experience. It is so rare to work with such a creative & talented group of people thousands of miles away. I am extremely grateful for the fantastic work on Ender's Game & the great collaboration between our studios.”
    Jan Philip Cramer: Animation Director, Digital Domain

minimo_logo_FINALProud partners of Minimo.

Minimo VFX is specialised in creation of Creatures and Characters, both for Animation and VFX use.
Felix Balbas and Maurizio Giglioli – MinimoVFX owners, helped develop creatures and pipelines for Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, John Carter of Mars, The Golden Compass, Children of Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and the Harry Potter series.
With long experiences in the most prominent VFX houses – WETA, ILM, FRAMESTORE, MPC and DOUBLE NEGATIVE – MinimoVFX will accommodate the creative process while efficiently delivering production ready models, textures, shaders, renders, rigs, animation and character tests as part of the design process. A key partner in the era of cloud film productions.

Visit Minimo here.