Since we met for the first time in 2006 we always talked about doing something together, after we worked in the same room for one year on "Ender's Game" we decided that we wanted to direct  and produce with our own studio and created post23 with that purpose. This is what we've been doing since then.

And we love it.

During this time we've directed a lot of commercials, game cinematics and all sort of digital projects, and we've been awarded in the most important festivals, Cannes, El Sol, El Ojo, Echo Awards, Club de Creativos, LIA, Eficacia, One Show, etc .... 

Direction and Art Direction, Storytelling and Aesthetics, Animation and Character Design, Jordi &BoR.

This is what we do and what we like to do.

And If you ever chat with us we can also explain you about the picture above.