Team Actimel – UltraElement Planet

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post23's director, Jordi García, supervises and directs this new commercial for Danone and its brand new Actimel corporate image, where the new Actimel Team becomes more powerful and gets a new cool modern look. Danone and Vinizius Y&R Barcelona entrust again post23 to fully produce and direct this new campaign and re-brand of the Actimel Team.

After time wandering throughout the universe, the new Actimel Team reaches the Ultra Element Planet, where they find new dangers and enemies stealing the Planet's most important resource: the Ultra Element. Fortunately, AC, TI and MEL (ELE, CASEI and NITTAS in the Spanish version) get new powers and enhanced suits and weapons which will allow them to fight the new enemies lead by Malaktic.

New adventures and dangers will happen to AC, TI and MEL, but how will they defend the Ultra Element?

CREDITS: Client: Danone, Actimel
Agency: Vinizius Y&R Barcelona
Production Company: post23
Director: Jordi García
Executive Producer: Sergio Jiménez
Producer: Angee Marcazzan
3D Supervisor: Bor Arroyo
Editor: Pep Collados
Lead Animator: Hector Muñoz
Lighting Supervision: Bor Arroyo
3D Generalist: Miguel Miranda, Santi Muñoz
Modeller: Miguel Miranda, Álvaro Gascó, Joan Berenguer
Animators: Juan Couto, Arnau Solà
Character Rig: Jorge Bellot
2D Artist: Luis Gaspardo
Compositing: Dani López

Character 3D development
Character Animation
Compositing & Color Grading
Character Rig
Hair Sims and Fluids